Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day #9: Unfolding Sympathy

Such song can affect my mood greatly..

This one particular song, Unfolding Sympathy by Homogenic is the one I always successfully bring me to the most gloomy part of me (since the very first time this song lands on my ears). What a touchy-melancholy-melody and awesome lyrics! No melancholy song better than this one, for me.

I can't explain it here. You should hear it for yourself. The song is taken from Homogenic's second album, Echoes of the Universe. I'd like to hail Dina Dellyana and Risa Saraswati for the lyrics. Here they are:

Unfolding Sympathy
(Homogenic - Echoes of The Universe - FFWD Records - 2006)

Please show me how
Turn it back to ordinary
Just me killing all my sanctuary

Please lead me how
Giving courage to be haunted
Just me running from my deepest meanness

Why does it hard to explain
Why does it hard to let go

Rain comes falling
Cold surrounding my head
Can`t stop thinking

Fears emerging
Love still bleeding my mind
Can`t stop hiding

Why does it hard to explain
Feel like I`m ignoring the reason
Why I`m standing here to breath the air

Why does it hard to let go
Let my ears still learning to listen
How my heart try to escape from tears