Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye 2010..

2010.. I've had my worst and best moments..

While I try to learn from mistakes I've made, I want to thank you all those people who made my 2010 seemed so sweet..

1. The best family ever, the place I'd like to call home.. Mom, Dad and Putri Avicenna Pratisara..

2. Aonyx, for dreams we share.. Irsan Ramadhan, Oscar Erdiansyah, Jayarindra Sigit, Anissa Nuradi Putri and Dmust Akira.. Also Emmie Eka Noviyanti and Tio Prasetyo Utomo..

3. Abang None Jakarta Timur and DKI Jakarta, for the opportunity to broaden my horizon..

4. Trance Family of Indonesia and all across the world, for the music and passion..

5. All the DJs, MCs, VJs, Musicians and Music Lovers that crossed paths, for the friendships and supports..

6. My amazing step-sisters, for the talks and the walks.. Catherine Dhammamita Viriya and Gita Manohara Samsu..

7. College mates and teaching staffs of Architecture Department, University of Indonesia, that seemed to fade away lately, for all the helps and funs..

8. Indika 91.6 FM and Trax on Sky 101.4 FM families, for all the broadcasts and companions that I came to know..

9. Certain producers and band, for gave me and Aonyx chances to remix their song.. Riri Mestica, Louis Tan and Homogenic.. (Which not finished yet.. Sorry for the delay.. x_x)

10. The one that introduce me to CS that made me met all the wonderful people inside.. Sabrina Indri Lestari Siswopandoyo..

11. Certain event organizers and artist managements, for the cooperations and cool events.. Spinach, Synan Recordings, M1/43, Blade Indonesia, No Signal and FAXX U..

12. Certain clubs and places, for the willingness and kindness to support Aonyx's events.. Barcode, Kampus, Buddha Bar, 365, Domain, Brewww! and E Corner..

13. Additional singers, for all the helps in Aonyxlive's performances.. Charita Utamy, Leona Agustine and Muhammad Pandu..

14. The side-projects, hope we can realize our plan next year.. Satriawan Wiguna, Adrian Bramantyo, Laras Permata and Naztasha Cesty..

15. Michelle's Lair, for giving me a chance to fill in the vocalist position.. Ikhsan Siswanto and Al Birham Jamal..

16. Band mates from college, for all of our performances and studio sessions.. Rieky Jayanto Sunur, Stefanus Kurniawan, Imam Satria, Muhammad Ichsan Bayu, Putera Anarta, Rully Firmansyah and Damba Afnendar Arif..

17. Futsal and basketball players, for (somewhat) kept me feel healthy once in a while..

18. Instant Messenger and social networkings, for all the fun and usefulness.. Blackberry Messenger, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Soundcloud, Blogspot, CouchSurfing, Ravelex, Homses, and Blip..

19. Certain books, blogs and online manga scanlations, for all the refreshing words and pictures..

20. Certain photographer, for beautifully taken photographs.. Dimas Setiyono Rudijono..

21. Creative people from all across the world, for the inspirations and helps..

22. All of my friends that can be named one by one, for the trust and being there in my time of needs..

23. All clients, for the trust you've given..

24. Cigarettes, for being exist in my hand..

25. I reached the point "Crap.. I'm hoping that I'm not missing someone and something to be thanked for.. So, thank you all!!"

at last

26. GOD, for letting me breathing till this second to enjoy your creations..

27. And YOU!! For dropped some of your time to read this..

Hope for a better in 2011..

Thank you :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Utopia, in search of...

Painful that is
Being unsatisfied..

What I've done, we've done, and others have done
Still not enough..

I called myself
Selfish.. Egomaniac.. Ambitious, maybe..
Well, Can't help it
I want more..

Strive, till the end of my lifeline
Not for you, not for anything in the world
I just want to put a sincere smile on my face
That's my utopia...