Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lost In Space

Where's the fun?
When it's all certain and meant to be
A boy who came from Venus, and a girl that born in Mars
Fate intertwined
World turned upside down

Don't you miss something unexpected?
Beyond logic and explanation
The awe in not knowing

Even a magician turns to be a plain liar
When the tricks are out
Where there is no room left for imagination

So.. Close your eyes, shut your mouth, hold your breath,
Open wide your ears, then start walking
Prepare yourself to...

"Lost In Space"

1. Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved
2. Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
3. White Lies - Death (Chase & Status Remix)
4. Eskmo - Cloudlight
5. Starkey feat. Charli XCX - Lost In Space
6. Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter- Cloudburn
7. Katy B - Katy On A Mission
8. Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)
9. Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)

Download it here

Have fun getting lost..

1. The original artwork is made by Thiago Rage with the same title, 'Lost In Space', but I rotated it to 360 degrees.
2. The fifth song is also has the same title, 'Lost In Space', I placed it in the middle as the core of this mixtape.
3. Can you guess my reason why put all those songs in such order? Well, if you're in, have fun guessing.. :)

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