Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Business Journal #1: The Beginning

I’ve already passed my first week as music business student in School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Jakarta. But, let me write a little bit about myself for a starter. Before I even entered the college life again, I already had this dream about starting an entertainment company in the future, a company that will produce and manage the next generation artists and musicians. With my past experiences as a DJ, a band member and an event organizer, also with the knowledge that I retained from that plus some from the world wide web, I lead myself to believe that I will grasp my dream later on, after I finished this music business study and got in touch with several people that matter in this industry. And as I stated in the first line of this journal, I’ve passed my first week in my music business study. Now, I successfully trashed that dream aside.

If I put it in a softer way, I packed my dream up and stored it in a room with no guarantee when it will be re-opened. That was some cocky dream I had, and now I feel that I’m being knocked down to my senses. My experiences aren’t sufficient enough and my knowledge is quite shallow, it’s going to be a disaster if I keep moving towards that dream in my current state.

First, I had ‘Music and Multimedia’ class with Ziad Sofyan a.k.a. Emenk. Even though he’s working as graphic designer, and this class is mainly about the multimedia, he said one important thing that caught my most attention, it’s about shaping and branding myself or the identity I wish to present in the future. The second class was ‘Music Industry’ with Aldo Sianturi, the very first discussion that this class had is about music history. I regard that knowing history as the important thing in everything because it helps to understand the current matter better. Well, it’s a tricky thing to retrace something back, but it’s indeed needed. And the last class was “Audio and Live Sound” with Asmoro Jati. Between the three classes, I thought that this class had more direct approach to reality. Basically, this class was the main reason why I decided to toss my dream aside. I came to realize the fact that I didn’t know the real music industry and all this time I just barely scratching its surface.

I’m not stating that all the classes killed my dream, instead they made me realize that I was too proud with my unprepared self. So that’s why I tossed it aside and try to focus my attention to what these classes have to offer for me. Maybe, I’ll find my way to relive my dream someday. Or maybe, I’ll find my way to a bigger thing. I’ll let the future speaks for itself later.

April 8, 2013
Fadil Pinandita
Music Business

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